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We believe that nothing is more critical than your people.

Complementing your business with the best possible talent enables your business to thrive. Embedding ourselves in understanding our clients’ cultures and the complexities their teams face; we have helped organisations climb from strength to strength through enabling them to deliver with the right employees.

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Our mission is to build long-lasting connections, enable sustainable growth, and help people meet their true potential in the tech industry.

About Us
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Our mission is to build long-lasting connections, enable sustainable growth, and help people meet their true potential in the tech industry.

About Us

We're driven to unlock true potential and nurture quality partnerships that stand the test of time.

Established in 2018, Artifeks has become recognised as a partner of choice to an enviable client base globally across the technology industry. Artifeks humanise recruitment. We work with our clients and candidates to create meaningful experiences which deliver long term return on investments.


Honesty elevates experience

Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. We build trusted partnerships with those in our communities, often nurtured over many years. We hold the trust that our clients and candidates place in us to represent them, earnestly. This trust is centric to every decision we make.


Proud to seek perfection

We strive for extraordinary experiences and results across every element of what we do. To us, seeking perfection includes the lessons we learn along the way which continue to shape us as we grow.


Driven by diversity, inclusion and empathy

We value and celebrate the differences among people and create an environment where everyone feels welcome, included and able to thrive. We are unyielding in our commitment to ongoing learning, dialogue and action to create a more embracive, empathetic and inclusive world for all.


Long-term visionaries

Partner of choice for Product and Technology businesses. After years of success and service to many fast-growth and global technology businesses, we’ve become specialists in supporting multi-year, multi-region growth journeys. We have curated an extensive network of technologists who build the future and solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Will Neethling
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I had the pleasure of dealing with Artifeks during a recent job change.

They surpassed all my expectations - Will, the recruiter I was working with, is very knowledgeable about the companies he represents, professional and courteous, and most importantly, he strives to find a good match between a potential employer and job seekers.

Artifeks went beyond just looking at a CV and skillset, they really tried to match candidates to companies in a way I have not seen before. I whole-heartedly recommend Will and Artifeks to any employer looking to hire skilled candidates.

- Will Neethling, Senior Software Engineer and Architect, Adyen


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